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Do you guys have reseller options?

Yes! We are actively working on automated reseller panels for an optimal reseller experience. For now, please contact us to get your own reseller coupon for an X amount discount on every single order! To qualify you will need to have a certain minimum amount of orders with us to proof that you have customers.

How do refunds work and when am I eligible to get one?

First of all, we are not difficult at all with refunds, your experience with us if our first prioritiy - not making money. You can qualify for a refund if -> - We can not deliver the product anymore and you don’t want to wait on a restock - Your experience with the product is not as we described *We cant refund if you ‘dont want the product anymore’* Refunds are sent in account balance or in crypto. If the refund amount is larger than $50 we can refund in cashapp/paypal also.

What is your ‘stability meter’?

Not all accounts will have the same experience with using them. This is not because we cheap out on methods, but because not all companies have the same security. Our stability meter says something about our experience with the product, how stable it is. This will indicate if you need to contact us often to get a replacement. 10 is the best stabilty and 1 is the worst. Please note that we always use the best and thus the most expensive methods/proxies/combos/api’s - our account quality is higher than all other sellers out there. If other sellers claim to have an 100% smooth experience, and we rate the product 4/10 on our stability meter; they’re probably just lying.

How good is your support?

We strive to have as good support as possible, without having to increase our prices because of it. On average, issues are solved within 3 hours. Discord is your best bet for contacting us, we do reply on on-site queries but it does not have the quickest reply times.

How do you guys make up your prices?

Because we have been around for 3+ years, we know how to price our products responsibly. We make sure our prices are sustainable and at the same time as cheap as possible. If you shop with us, you can be sure we will be around for the whole warranty period to replace your product. PS. From the 100’s of ‘good’ shops that were around ~4 years ago, only a handful of them are still active. And we are one of them.

How do I get free store balance?

There are multiple ways to get free shop credit from us. -The first and actual free one is using our 'affiliate' program. Login to your customer account (you don't have to make an account, just fill in your email) and get your affiliate code. Share this to people and receive 20% for every single purchase they make! This will automatically be added to your balance. You can choose to receive this in crypto also, but then you get 10%. - For PennyHouse you get $1.5 in shop credit for every 3 reviews you give us. - We have setup other ways to get free rewards, please see your customer dashboard to see the specifics

Can I pay with PayPal or Card

Yes! Visit payments.pennyplace.io for more information. Payment is automated. To prevent fraud order have to be accepted manually. So in short -> You pay, we accept the order, you can spend the balance. These payment gateways are only available for customers, if you are not a customer but would like to pay with paypal/card; please contact us. We can probably work something out.


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